How To Complement In-House B2B Advertising Solutions With The Right Partners

August 06, 2019 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Diversify your media plan for a “best-of-breed” B2B digital advertising solution

Companies only using in-house programmatic teams are finding that operations require a more complex technology infrastructure than they had envisioned.

With new solutions constantly arising in an effort to solve the ever-changing demands of the digital advertising industry, in-house programmatic teams are challenged with adopting new tools, finding time to strategize and optimize, adding team members to build and dissect analytics, evolving the product to combat ad fraud, and more. In-house teams are also finding it is more difficult to find the right skillsets to evolve with the landscape than simply asking their current teams or new employees to expand their bandwidth. Efforts they hoped would yield more efficiency and effectiveness are backfiring, causing in-house teams to rethink their strategies – or at least their media buys.

Companies in the B2B advertising industry are finding that complementing their in-house teams with a specialized ad tech vendor whose strengths balance their weaknesses can improve their efforts dramatically. In fact, even if you already work with other partners, adding one more company to your media buy can provide you with the diversity and variety you need in order to fill gaps and leverage complementary technology and expertise. The most comprehensive result is a “best-of-breed” B2B advertising solution that provides you with a variety of outsourced partners who specialize in specific areas or parts of the funnel.

Even if you’re already happy with your in-house solution or with the partners you have chosen, diversifying your media buy will give you a unique, robust solution that will fulfill all of your advertising needs and business goals. Have a team that can drive conversions? Use companies like AdDaptive to strengthen your upper funnel to target and reach highly qualified business influencers, which will, in turn, strengthen your lower funnel. Happy with your media plan but not seeing robust enough insights? AdDaptive’s firmographic reporting provides a higher caliber of data transparency than any other offering in the B2B advertising industry.

Know your needs, then diversify your media plan to fill your gaps. Explore the benefits to complementing in-house solutions in the free PDF below.