The Power Of B2B Sponsored Content

September 12, 2019 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Use AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content to amplify your content through native advertising.

Did you know…?

Reading a native advertisement yields 308x more consumer attention than processing image content, resulting in increased brand awareness. Therefore, a native ad tends to resonate more highly with consumers and lead to higher quality engagements and (potentially) hotter leads.

Native advertising is powerful because the ad spots are designed to be “native” to the page where they appear — as such, they are non-intrusive, matching the user experience and feel of the website where they live. Therefore, viewers might not even notice they’re seeing advertisements (even though they are clearly labeled), and if they do, they might not mind, since the content is relevant (source).

Furthermore, according to Business Insider, native advertising will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021. Using native advertising to promote content is an integral element that top businesses and agencies are integrating into their strategies and reaping the benefits for their companies.

AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content Product

AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content product utilizes native advertising to help advertisers promote their content to their key business audiences. Many marketers already realize the value brought by running sponsored content through social networks and other publishers, but they may not know about the walled gardens in those settings that prevent transparency, scale, and efficiency.

AdDaptive’s technology delivers premium inventory placement for our customers’ digital advertisements and provides comprehensive firmographic reporting, enabling clients to learn which companies viewed their B2B Sponsored Content and – perhaps most importantly – what that might mean for future strategies. AdDaptive’s scalable solution is also sold at a lower CPM than its competitors – a win-win.

Explore our B2B Sponsored Content Resource Hub below to discover the benefits of the industry’s best offering in native advertising and social content promotion: AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content.