Protecting Consumer Data With B2B Advertising

September 19, 2019 |
Mikaela Alioto

Why does B2B advertising thrive in a privacy-centric ecosystem?

Maintain Anonymity

B2B and B2C advertising take different approaches to leveraging data. By nature, B2B advertising does not need personal consumer data; this protects individual privacy while achieving campaign goals. B2B ad tech vendors like AdDaptive use publicly available firmographic data to identify businesses and roles – not individuals; therefore, there is no need for personal identifiers in B2B advertising. B2B targeting maintains an individual’s anonymity but still reaches target audiences through validated business data. In contrast, B2C digital advertising cannot be done anonymously, since personal data is required to serve ads to individuals outside of businesses.

Achieve your Business Goals

There are ways to achieve your business goals without jeopardizing consumer privacy. By working with AdDaptive, you are assured you will receive powerful results from your digital advertising campaigns without the use of personal consumer data.

Compare and Contrast the Role Data Plays in B2B vs. B2C Advertising: