2018 Digiday Media Buying Summit Takeaways

November 06, 2018 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

In October, our VP of Sales, Ted McNulty, gave an impassioned speech about the B2B programmatic advertising industry at the Digiday Media Buying Summit in Austin, Texas. While nothing can replace the feeling of being in the audience for a “Ted Talk,” here’s the basic gist of what you missed.

Major Takeaways:
* A major gap in the industry lies in the inability of B2B agencies or companies to have accurate data at scale, a comprehensive targeting solution, and transparent analytics. Many companies rely on third-party data to target niche audiences, a technique that is not very effective in the B2B world.

* There are tools that show how cookies have categorized you based on your browsing behavior, proving that cookies, when executed on alone in B2B initiatives, do not tend to have the reliability as other more comprehensive solutions. Most of the technologies that use cookies alone for targeting are not powerful enough to weed through the misclassifications or do not incorporate reliable enough data to zero in on narrowly defined B2B segments.
* Incorporating other unique digital identifiers and connecting offline and online data provide B2B companies with a stronger targeting approach that will get their ads in front of interested parties, thus minimizing wasted impressions and using budget wisely.
* AdDaptive Intelligence has developed that very solution. Right now, no other company in the industry has the technology, data, or strategic acumen to be able to provide B2B brands with narrow, accurate targeting at scale as well as transparent analytical insight into the viewers of their digital advertisements. Our proprietary technology is powerful enough to sort through billions of data points in real-time to match your intended audience with key business influencers at your target accounts. Using a combination of validated data, AdDaptive can ensure your budget is going to good use, as impressions are delivered to the business professionals you want to see your ad. Our accounts management team continually refines your targeting to ensure optimization of your campaigns, and follows through with a fully detailed, post-campaign report.

Ted then walked Digiday Media Buying Summit attendees through AdDaptive’s tool, Platform, to show how we achieve accuracy and scale for our clients’ B2B digital advertising campaigns. He not only illustrated how we can target – based on NAICS codes, sales volume, number of employees, years in business, job title, and many more filters – but also how our enhanced reporting capabilities are taking the industry by storm. Agencies and brands alike are exceedingly pleased with the level of transparency AdDaptive offers at a B2B level, further differentiating us from our competition and proving our power firsthand.

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to schedule a free demo with one of our experts today. No commitment, no upfront costs – we simply want to make you aware of how you are being classified by many advertisers and how our technology is more effective than anything you’ve experienced before. Gain access today!