Earth Day 2019: AdDaptive Goes Green

BY Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

A recap of our plant-themed happy hour event in honor of Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day 2019, our team transformed one of our normal Thursday happy hour events into a “green” extravaganza, during which we all enjoyed a delicious plant-based cuisine and learned how to re-pot succulents. AdDaptive employees gather every Thursday afternoon to take a break from work and relax with good food and even better company. These non-work-related activities create a sense of camaraderie among our employees and boost our internal culture to be collaborative and supportive, as our communication in the kitchen later transfers to our desks. This time, the event was organized around celebrating Earth Day. Our employees have rallied around a Green Initiative for a few months now, promoting proper recycling habits and spreading informative messages about sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Celebrating Earth Day was the perfect opportunity for AdDaptive’s Green Initiative to shine. This wasn’t just a way to empower our employees to follow their passions – it was also a way to show we care about the greater good and understand our place in the community. Plus, plants provide many benefits in the workplace – they reduce stress, increase productivity, improve air quality, and boost creativity (source) – in addition to adding some warmth and color to the look and feel of the office. Nicol Colarusso, Media Planner and the organizer of the event, was thrilled with the outcome:
“Originally, the idea for AdDaptive’s Earth Day celebration came from the need to better educate our employees on the importance of integrating greenery into our office space, how to pot plants and how to maintain care. Being given the opportunity and encouragement from AdDaptive to incorporate my passion into a corporate event such as this was incredibly rewarding. This event created buzz around the office and gave employees time to step away from their desks and learn something new, even encouraging participants to utilize their new skills after the event.”

In total, over 60 plants were repotted and now adorn our employees’ desks. We can’t wait for the next themed happy hour event, but in the meantime, we’ll wait impatiently to see what AdDaptive’s Green Initiative has in store for us next!