How Our New Logo Supports Our Superior Offering

May 07, 2019 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

AdDaptive = Smarter B2B Advertising

Have you seen a new logo on our website and social media pages? We’re still the same AdDaptive – this move is just another example of how we constantly evolve to better serve our clients and strengthen our brand.

Formally, we’re still AdDaptive Intelligence – but we’ve noticed people prefer to simply call us AdDaptive, so we figured we’d embrace our nickname.

Change is inevitable, especially in the ad tech industry. The ability to evolve with the market or to push the market forward is a capability that could lead to a competitive advantage for businesses who succeed at it. Similar to the way we strive to integrate our internal operations, we aim to align our brand with our strategy: We saw our product team making constant improvements to our technology offering every day and wanted to mimic that commitment to constant innovation in our marketing efforts. Therefore, our new logo has a tagline: Smarter B2B Advertising.

Here’s some background info around our logo – and why we’re the brand you should associate with Smarter B2B Advertising.

First, the main color you see here is navy blue. Research shows that 33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo (source). The reason is that viewers often relate the color blue to personal communication, personalized messaging, and trust, which helps customers feel connected to the logo and feel a sense of trust in the brand. As such, the primary version of the AdDaptive logo is staying navy blue, because connection and trust are integral to our operations – we connect our clients to their target audiences, and we instill trust in our clients by bringing them success and transparency each day.

Next, you might be wondering about the word AdDaptive. Did you know that 72% of the top brands are named using made-up words (source)? “AdDaptive” is unique without being too abstract – it’s a play on words, beginning with “adaptive” and adding an emphasis on “Ad,” making it clear from the get-go what industry we’re in. But even more so, we’re thinking long-term. At AdDaptive, we’re just that – adaptive. Our name allows us to evolve and meander through the industry in ways that keep us ahead of the market and enable us to innovate without feeling boxed into a narrow or antiquated identity. We take pride in our ability to be agile, responsive and proactive in the ad tech industry, and our name, AdDaptive, allows us to do just that.

Now onto the fun stuff. Why “Smarter B2B Advertising”?

Because that’s what we do, and that’s what you need.

As a B2B advertiser, think about how you would grade yourself in the following areas:

  • Reliable data in multiple forms – in other words, first-party data from your CRM combined with validated offline business data to paint the most complete picture of your target business audience and how to reach them
  • Innovative technology to power ad campaigns and reach specific accounts at scale
  • Extensive industry partnerships to power your tactical execution
  • Resources committed to focusing 100% on optimizing ad campaigns each day
  • Clear analytics to measure your ROI and drive future strategic decisions

Chances are it’s not possible to say that you are an A+ leader in every single one of these areas. Think of the sheer cost of committing to one of those – which multiplies when you incorporate all five. But that’s not to make you feel inferior – it’s to make you feel that you CAN achieve all of those successes while maintaining (and not having to sacrifice) your own company’s value proposition – by leveraging our strengths.

We’re here to bring you Smarter B2B Advertising. It’s smarter because it’s more reliable, more powerful, more accurate, more scalable, and more successful. In other words, we specialize in a comprehensive digital advertising solution that encompasses all of those five areas and more. We solve the industry’s problems involving B2B data gaps, specificity at scale, and transparent post-campaign reporting. We commit to achieving our clients’ digital advertising goals by allowing them to leverage our core competencies and strengths that we work at every single day so they don’t have to. Smart companies know how to leverage strategic partnerships to achieve goals together; Smarter B2B Advertising can be done by partnering with AdDaptive.

Our new logo makes that clear from the start.

Interested in exploring how you can achieve Smarter B2B Advertising with AdDaptive? Schedule your free demo today to have a quick chat about your B2B digital advertising goals and how a relationship with AdDaptive can get you there.