FAQ SERIES: How AdDaptive Safely Onboards Data

December 03, 2019 |
Mikaela Alioto

How does AdDaptive Onboard Data?

AdDaptive provides simple, streamlined onboarding for all of your CRM, email, and direct marketing lists to amplify the effectiveness of your B2B digital marketing campaigns. Unlike self-managed SaaS models, AdDaptive is a fully managed service; our accounts management experts perform all onboarding, optimization, and analysis in one. AdDaptive follows several steps to ensure data is onboarded safely:

  1. Customer data files are uploaded securely.
  2. To protect privacy, customer records are anonymized and all personally identifiable (PII) information is removed.
  3. Once customer records are anonymized, they are matched to precise digital identifiers.
  4. Data segments are then activated for targeting in AdDaptive’s platform.


To make campaigns more effective and achieve a higher return on your marketing spend, AdDaptive’s data onboarding technology makes offline data actionable and provides the best possible customer experience. By working with AdDaptive, customers are able to target specific business accounts and tailor their campaigns towards their business needs resulting in continued success.