Growing Past Walled Gardens

December 17, 2019 |
Mikaela Alioto

Within the Ecosystem

Within the digital advertising landscape, there are several prominent platforms, referred to as walled gardens, raking in over $33.6 billion out of the $49.8 billion programmatic ad spend in 2019 (source). This begs the question: What exactly is a walled garden, and how can companies be fruitful in this environment with campaigns that scale past these proverbial walls?

Ad buying platforms such as those run by Google, Facebook, and Amazon are considered walled gardens when their clients have no choice but to rely exclusively on their marketing stack to run campaigns (source). However, when walled gardens control accessibility to data within their ecosystem, it tends to limit scalability and insights. Channels can only report back on campaigns that are run within the garden, posing a problem for companies interested in collecting comprehensive analytics to fuel current and future campaigns. To address these needs, companies should complement their plans with vendors offering scalable, transparent solutions. Adding diversity to a media buy extends reach to a company’s target audience without interfering with their existing in-house efforts or replacing current partners.


Life Exists Outside of Garden Walls

Media buys that already run campaigns within walled gardens can complement these plans by adding solutions from ad tech companies such as AdDaptive. It is possible for in-house teams and specialized ad tech vendors to have a very successful, symbiotic partnership. Leveraging AdDaptive’s technology gives companies the option to diversify their media plan and increase the number of touchpoints with their target audience, while our firmographic reporting provides the highest level of data transparency in the B2B advertising industry. Reaching people in walled gardens is only one part of constructing a successful marketing campaign; adding additional touchpoints helps achieve brand awareness and allows a company’s ads to be seen in a variety of locations that resonate with their target audience.

AdDaptive is not walled in; in other words, we can gather actionable business insights regardless of where the ads are placed. These insights allow us to track impressions and engagements and see where creatives are performing the best. This level of insight then helps inform and optimize future digital advertising campaigns. Expanding your solution by enlisting AdDaptive’s technology adds additional value and precise B2B targeting with scale and accuracy that goes beyond the barriers walled gardens face.

Much like a living garden, there is great potential for growth when companies employ the right tools. AdDaptive’s data transparency and advanced insights eliminate scalability issues and form the most comprehensive solution, growing past walled gardens and into the future of smarter B2B advertising.