FAQ SERIES: AdDaptive’s Approach To Precise B2B Targeting

November 21, 2019 |
Mikaela Alioto

What is AdDaptive’s Approach to Precise Business Targeting?

AdDaptive’s intelligent technology leverages verified data to reach target audiences and inform future campaigns. Fortified with the most trustworthy data sources, AdDaptive’s campaigns reach your ideal accounts with precision and accuracy.

With traditional targeting, advertisers have identified their customers by relying heavily on third-party cookie data. First-party data can go even further to pinpoint key influencers at the intended accounts using verified information. By partnering with industry-leading offline data providers and optimizing our proprietary technology, AdDaptive is able to provide precise B2B targeting through the use of validated, offline data, modern insights, data mapping, and real-time analysis.

Modern Insights

Fueling B2B ad campaigns with validated, offline data allows agencies and brands to narrow in on the decision-makers that matter most to their businesses. AdDaptive’s rooftop-level targeting capabilities incorporate publicly available firmographic data sources including:

  • The U.S. Census
  • Property deeds
  • Tax assessor service
  • Professional licenses
  • Permits
  • Directories

AdDaptive doesn’t stop at the rooftop level; we then leverage IP targeting to locate the intended businesses and refine campaign targeting until your ads reach the right accounts.


Data Mapping

AdDaptive’s proprietary use of data involves matching validated, offline data to unique B2B digital identifiers in the United States, including business IP addresses, location coordinates, domains, and job titles. This unique approach enables business targeting to be highly specific at scale.

Real-Time Analysis

AdDaptive’s technology analyzes billions of data points in real-time, ensuring accuracy and relevancy. Over 50 billion data points are analyzed everyday spanning ad serving data, geolocation data, mobile signals, and more. The results? AdDaptive’s customers exceed goals and obtain valuable insights to inform future B2B ad campaigns.


Harness the power of AdDaptive’s technology to reach your target audience, powered by the appropriate use of validated data.