FAQ SERIES: How Companies Can Leverage AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content

January 14, 2020 |
Mikaela Alioto

What is Native Advertising?

While consumers are accustomed to banner/display ads that grab their attention, native advertising is designed to be “native” to the environment and context in which ads are placed. Native ads match the user experience of a website allowing creatives to resonate with consumers rather than interrupt them. Because of their unobtrusive nature, native ads receive 53% more views than traditional display ads (source). B2B Sponsored Content leverages native advertising to help advertisers promote their content, connect with target business audiences, and increase brand awareness.

The Value of AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content:

When a company has an existing creative they would like to promote, AdDaptive sponsors this content and puts it in front of the right B2B audience organically. In other words, AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content provides premium inventory placement for companies’ digital advertisements, which can click through to existing resources, landing pages, form fills, or other content assets. Then, we take it a step further by providing firmographic reporting that shows clients which companies are viewing their content and other account-level data, fueling conversations with our accounts team around how to optimize future campaign strategies.

AdDaptive’s solution includes:

  • Competitive pricing, namely, a much lower CPM than our competitors
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Premium inventory placement

Choosing to leverage AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content through native advertising extends clients’ reach and leads to the most well-rounded campaigns. Discover how companies can amplify their content by leveraging AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content:

For more information about the industry’s best offering in native advertising and social content promotion, we provide comprehensive resources in AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content Resource Hub.