Flexible and AdDapt-able

June 29, 2023 |
Matt Shore

The advertising industry is known for its fast-paced nature and constantly evolving landscape. Savvy advertisers know keeping a finger on the pulse of industry trends and changes is vital for success. They also know being flexible and adapting to change is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.

An ad tech partner should not only be able to keep up with you and the ever-changing landscape, but also anticipate what’s coming around the bend. We at AdDaptive pride ourselves on our ability to deliver both flexibility and success. During a time of “cautious optimism” when it comes to ad spend, adjusting to the needs of our clients is our number one priority.

Our flexibility begins with a simple rule: no long-term commitments. Having room to choose and pivot your partnership is not only beneficial to you financially, but it also mirrors our industry. Things are always changing, and you can be ready for anything with the ability to adjust your partnership to fit your needs. You don’t have to choose between booking long-term or short-term. With AdDaptive, you can run several types of campaigns at once and customize your approach to reach your goals. This gives you the freedom to shift your strategy based on the success of your previous campaigns. You can reallocate your budget accordingly, refine your audience, and more thanks to actionable analytics.

AdDaptive’s flexibility also extends beyond commitments to the ad campaigns themselves. When running an ad campaign with AdDaptive, our team of experts provides campaign updates via our Campaign Analytics report along with insightful context behind the numbers through strategic conversation. The report includes your ad campaign’s impressions, clicks, CTR, and engagement metrics organized into firmographic sections like:

  • Heat map
  • Business location by state 
  • Business size
  • Sales revenue
  • NAICS codes
  • Creative type
  • Creative size 

      and more

AdDaptive optimizes your campaign throughout to ensure maximum ROAS. You can also work together with AdDaptive’s experts to shift your strategy to better fit the needs of your unique campaigns and to reach your KPIs. You shouldn’t have to be locked into a campaign the second after it deploys. The ability to adapt and adjust minimizes wasted ad spend and prepares you for future campaign success.

AdDaptive is growing and changing right alongside the industry. Through flexible commitments and campaigns, we are devoted to supporting our clients and their needs. Run different length campaigns across various audience segments, channels, and KPIs, and use analytics to optimize your campaigns based on engagement from high-quality accounts.

An ad tech partner that promotes flexibility and AdDapt-ability? 

That’s the AdDaptive Advantage. 


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