ABM For B2B Digital Advertising

July 09, 2019 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

AdDaptive leverages ABM to fuel B2B digital advertising strategies by teaching which accounts are the best to target, optimizing in real-time toward previously defined KPIs, and providing transparent firmographic reporting to inform future ad campaigns

ABM is an approach that makes business data actionable. Whether you have access to first-party data in your CRM or you want to build a new segment based on validated offline data, leveraging AdDaptive’s ABM solution will increase your brand’s awareness among your target business audience. You’ll work with a dedicated account expert to explore your goals and determine the best way to reach your intended businesses. Then, your account rep will deploy your ads and optimize your campaigns in real-time to ensure maximum success against your KPIs. Using our groundbreaking post-campaign B2B analytics report, you can use transparent, firmographic data to inform your next campaign’s strategy and goals. In this way, ABM is a vehicle for awareness, engagement, strategy, and growth. And AdDaptive is the best in the business at helping you achieve your marketing – and overall company objectives – through a unique ABM approach to B2B digital advertising.