B2B Programmatic Audio Advertising

November 09, 2020 |
Mikaela Alioto

Introducing AdDaptive’s Audio Capabilities

Programmatic Audio is a powerful addition to the B2B marketer’s media plan with high impact and trackable ads that reach professional audiences where they are intently engaged. With ample visual stimulation in the work day, professionals often refer to other channels for news, professional development, or relaxation, such as podcasts, streaming music, or radio. And according to eMarketer, by 2021, the average US adult will spend 86.88 minutes a day with digital audio (source) cementing it as a key component of your B2B advertising strategy.

AdDaptive’s new audio offering can be used alone or in combination with other media types including Display, Video, B2B Sponsored Content, and CTV. In fact, marketers are finding that adding an audio element to your media plan is an excellent way to balance visual ads for an unobtrusive yet well-rounded experience.

The most impressive aspect of this new offering is that AdDaptive’s industry-leading B2B ABM Analytics can be used to support audio ads and funnel audience insights back into your campaign for the most intelligent targeting and campaign excellence.

Download AdDaptive’s Overview of Programmatic Audio Advertising to learn more about the benefits of this expanded offering: