Press Release: AdDaptive Intelligence Announces B2B CTV And Audio Solutions To Expand Audience Reach

November 09, 2020 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

AdDaptive Amplifies Clients’ Brands to Key Accounts through New B2B CTV and Programmatic Audio Offerings, Supported by Expert Analytics

WALTHAM, Mass. – Nov. 09, 2020 – AdDaptive Intelligence, the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and B2B intelligence, is now offering Connected TV (CTV) and Programmatic Audio solutions to the B2B advertising market. AdDaptive’s proprietary solutions promote brand awareness and push prospects through the funnel by leveraging online and offline data to reach clients’ key accounts with superior accuracy. Combining groundbreaking advertising capabilities with the industry’s most comprehensive B2B analytics offering enables AdDaptive to provide the most effective strategy for achieving Smarter B2B Advertising.

B2B CTV is a promising new frontier that enables brands to expand their targeting to an audience that is already engaged through any internet connected device using television as a display. “While other companies may provide a basic CTV solution, AdDaptive focuses on accuracy of targeting and insightful post-campaign analytics,” said Kevin O’Malley, co-founder of AdDaptive Intelligence. AdDaptive’s B2B CTV solution uses validated B2B IP data, refined firmographic targeting capabilities, a wide range of device accessibility, and premium channel inventory to ensure each customer’s intended target audience is reached effectively. By adding AdDaptive’s Programmatic CTV solution to their B2B advertising strategy, customers can utilize various digital channels to reach users, ultimately increasing ROI and eliminating wasted spend.

AdDaptive’s Programmatic Audio solution promotes digital engagement in the current media landscape by adding audio content to digital streaming services such as radio channels and podcasts. In today’s increasingly digital-first environment, companies need to find creative new ways to engage their B2B audiences. Through the addition of Programmatic Audio, AdDaptive’s customers can widen the variety of digital channels they use to reach their key accounts, increasing the number of touchpoints across the B2B advertising journey. Backed by B2B intelligence, AdDaptive’s Programmatic Audio solution uses premium inventory to deliver effective messages to key B2B accounts, providing brands with the most comprehensive strategy to reach their target audiences.

AdDaptive Intelligence makes business data actionable with Account-Based Marketing (ABM). “Our ability to share post-campaign performance through B2B ABM Analytics is unparalleled in the market,” said Patrick Shea, co-founder of AdDaptive Intelligence. AdDaptive’s ability to accurately reach their customers’ intended audience through precise B2B targeting plays a key role in solidifying AdDaptive as the leading provider of smarter B2B advertising. Through expert strategy, tailored data, accurate targeting, and valuable analytics, B2B customers can amplify their advertising efforts to exceed their desired B2B marketing goals.

AdDaptive’s new B2B CTV and Audio products, especially when paired with AdDaptive’s display, native, video, and analytics offerings, provide the industry’s most effective and well-rounded B2B advertising solution. Working with AdDaptive ensures companies reach key accounts with superior accuracy and glean meaningful, actionable insights to fuel future strategies.

About AdDaptive Intelligence

AdDaptive Intelligence is the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing and B2B intelligence. AdDaptive’s proprietary technology bridges offline and online data, optimizes ad campaigns, and provides transparent B2B analytics to help clients reach the accounts and decision-makers that matter most. The result is the industry’s most accurate B2B targeting solution. For more information, visit or follow AdDaptive Intelligence on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


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