Build Brand Awareness To Optimize Future Campaigns

August 02, 2022 |
Helen Neely

Brand awareness is the first thing a company needs to build in order to garner trust and grow. With the vast number of brands in the B2B space continuing to grow year over year this task can seem quite daunting, especially for smaller businesses and start-ups who are trying to compete with longstanding well-known brands. With so many brands and so much potential revenue to be gained in the B2B space, it has become imperative to recognize which pieces of content are sparking the highest level of engagement and adjust campaigns accordingly to maximize their success and return on ad spend.

Your reputation matters most

According to a recent market report, the number one selling point that companies need to stand out in the B2B industry is a trusted reputation. This takes time to build since the B2B sales cycle is very long and complicated. Impulse buying is never an option in B2B, so brands need to build rapport with companies in their vertical markets with a refined advertising strategy.

Building brand awareness involves numerous touchpoints throughout the decision-making process. Studies have shown that completing between 8 and 18 touchpoints with their target audience helps companies properly align their strategy with buyers’ preferences. Every piece of content that the potential customer is exposed to subconsciously resonates with them and molds their perception of the brand, thus building trust in said brand name over time.

Build trust with your audience across a variety of channels

It’s paramount that a program’s content strategy is consistent across all environments and channels through which each campaign is launched. Whether the target prospect is viewing (or hearing) the content asset on their computer, cell phone, TV, radio, or any other device, the brand messaging must be clear and unwavering. When messaging is aligned, employing a variety of creative types and advertising strategies builds a cohesive, comprehensive brand image that increases awareness through each target customer’s preferred media channel.

The combination of Display, Native, and Video had the highest unique B2B account reach at 93.05%” – AdDaptive’s Media Type Combinations Report


Deploying a variety of media types – display, native, video, CTV and audio – helps companies achieve brand awareness and garner trust among their target audience where they are already engaged. Leveraging various advertising channels with consistent messaging across all approaches raises the likelihood of reaching and engaging the intended accounts when they are ready to learn more about your offering.

Fuel future campaigns with actionable insights

Exploring clear analytics reports, such as AdDaptive’s full suite of analytics offerings, will help you identify which of your creatives are drawing the most attention so you can streamline your campaign efforts and send the most effective message to your audience, generating greater brand awareness and, in turn, trust.

Properly monitoring how certain display, native, video, audio and/or CTV ads perform in terms of audience engagement can help solidify your messaging and brand image. Campaign-based analytics reports give you the metrics needed to make sure that the most powerful pieces of content reach your target accounts. The insights that these reports provide empower you to appropriately adjust your campaigns and retarget to maximize brand awareness among key prospects.

Increase brand awareness and trust by applying the actionable insights gained from comprehensive analytics reports to optimize your advertising strategy.

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