Crossing the Q4 Finish Line with Actionable Analytics

November 10, 2022 |
Matt Shore

The busiest time of year is upon us. Even if you started the year with concrete goals and the right tools, Q4 has its challenges. Like race car drivers, we feel the need to push ourselves to make it to the finish line, but in all the commotion we may at times forget about the most important part of the race: the pit stop. Taking a few seconds to strategize with your team, check your mechanics, and make last minute adjustments allows you to finish the last lap of the race strong. The same applies to B2B ad campaigns.

As you pull into the pit box before Q4, take a moment to break down the last few laps with your team and strategic partners. Leveraging your Campaign and Site Analytics reports from AdDaptive will give you a comprehensive look into your past campaign performance and audience behavior. You can discuss what worked well and what types of improvements you can make during the final lap of Q4. See which of your target accounts were engaged with your website via your ad campaigns and get an inside look at where they are in the buying process.

Armed with this information from your analytics reports, it’s time to check in with your goals. Have they changed from when you started the race? Will your fourth lap’s approach differ from that of your previous laps? Taking the time to be intentional with your campaign goals based on your analytics reports will position you to hit your KPIs and increase your ROAS.

Once your goals are set, change out those tires and fill your tank with gas! Organizing your tools and tactics will ensure a smooth ride through the end of the race. Updating your target accounts and media mix to reach your prospects where they are in the buying process will help to accelerate your campaign towards the checkered flag. These strategic moves will also help you maximize the remainder of your budget for the rest of the year based on learnings from past campaigns, optimizing your campaign strategy as much as possible.

Nothing feels better than crossing the finish line. It’s important to take a moment to celebrate your success at the end of the year, but the best of the best are already planning for the next race. Your reports from the previous year can act as a roadmap for your future campaigns, allowing you to approach the new year confidently and strategically.

It only takes a few minutes, yet its benefits are exponential: The pit stop before the last lap is vital for racers to finish the race with strength and speed. Let AdDaptive be your pit crew and help support your campaigns through actionable analytics, strategic partnership, and precise targeting and delivery to not only win the race, but win all your races going forward.

That’s the AdDaptive advantage. 

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