Digiday Media Buying Summit March 2023 Recap

March 28, 2023 |
Matt Shore

AdDaptive was thrilled for another opportunity to sponsor the March 2023 Digiday Media Buying Summit. We traveled to New Orleans March 6th through 8th to participate in this exciting three day conference. It’s always a pleasure meeting with colleagues, prospects, and fellow industry professionals face to face and having in-depth discussions about the AdTech space. Here are a few of our takeaways from the March conference.

Optimize Your Advertising Strategy with Transparent Analytics

Our very own VP of Sales Ted McNulty delivered an engaging presentation on day one of the conference articulating the importance of analytics to your advertising strategy. Having access to precise and actionable insights will help with every step of the advertising process from defining your target audience to reaching key accounts with precision and tracking campaign performance. Learning how to leverage actionable analytics allows you to reach your desired audience efficiently and effectively as well as optimize your campaign throughout the flight. After the flight ends, you can retarget different segments of your audience and use the insights you learned to reach your goals. After chatting with fellow AdTech colleagues, it was clear that increasing efficiency and effectiveness was a common theme of the conference as it reflects trends in the market today.

Efficiency and Effectiveness in Ad Spend

2023 has been labeled a year of “cautious optimism” when it comes to ad spend. Some advertisers are seeing an increase in budget, some are seeing a slight decrease, and others are experiencing business as usual. A portion of advertisers are allocating more resources to the bottom of the funnel initiatives in order to deliver on conversions but top-of-the-funnel brand awareness is as critical as ever when establishing credibility and trust in your company.

No matter your specific 2023 budget circumstance, efficient ad spend decisions are crucial during this time. Actionable analytics can help take the guesswork out of reaching your high priority accounts, optimizing your current and future campaigns, and tying revenue back to campaign efforts to prove ROAS. Being able to confidently approach your advertising strategy in a time of cautious optimism will set you apart from your competition. This also puts worried clients who are hyperfocused on the bottom of the funnel at ease, allowing for a more holistic pipeline approach. 

CTV and Upper Funnel Importance

Like many industry events in the past few years, CTV was a hot topic in New Orleans. Although the interest in CTV is high, especially with the announcement of Netflix’s ad supported subscription tier, some advertisers were a little reluctant about CTV and other upper funnel tactics. Many cited the lack of measurement and the need for quick conversions as their reasons for hesitation. This is where actionable analytics can help.

Having access to detailed insights about your audience can help make your upper funnel approach just as strong as your lower funnel approach. In order to personalize your messaging to high value accounts in the bottom of the funnel, you need to build brand awareness and nurture colder accounts through the entire funnel. CTV has proven to be incredibly effective at engaging audiences towards the top of the funnel and planting the seed of brand awareness. It’s clear why CTV has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. WIth actionable analytics, you can ensure the resources are being utilized effectively and take full advantage of CTV and its benefits.

The Digiday Media Buying Summit is the perfect way to keep a pulse on industry topics and find more ways to help our prospects and clients. Based on conversations about CTV, ad spend, and transparent analytics, AdDaptive is in the perfect position to be a reliable partner for advertisers striving for campaign success.

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