Keep Top-of-Funnel Top-of-Mind

April 24, 2023 |
Matt Shore

The advertising industry has seen a shift in budgets in 2023 with more brands approaching their ad spend with “cautious optimism.” Since brands are looking to be as efficient as possible with their ad spend, many are turning to bottom-of-funnel tactics to hopefully increase their conversion rates and close more deals. But as agencies know, a holistic pipeline approach is the best way to build funnel strength resulting in more lifelong customers compared to a couple quick conversions. In fact, in this recent study CMOs rated brand development a 5.5 out of 7 on a scale of importance. Savvy marketers see the value in spending more time and efforts on top-of-funnel brand engagement as a strategic move that builds relationships and trust, fueling revenue over time. Top-of-funnel tactics should be top-of-mind for your clients, and with the help of insightful analytics, efficient and effective ad spend is easily achievable.

By allocating resources to top-of-funnel tactics you’re able to reach more prospects who are colder or completely unfamiliar with the brand. But how can you be sure a brand awareness campaign is efficient and effective? 

With AdDaptive as your strategic partner you can build precise audience segments by uploading your own ABM lists, utilizing AdDaptive’s Platform to refine firmographic parameters, or leveraging your Campaign Analytics account list from your last campaign. When leveraging insightful analytics you’ll get a deeper understanding of your target audience’s preferences, and the tools to further optimize your advertising approach. This eliminates wasted ad spend and allows the capture of high-quality accounts in your pipeline. 

Now that more desired accounts have entered the funnel, you can more accurately nurture them along from the top of the funnel all the way to purchase. By continuing to leverage detailed insights about your audience, you can tailor your advertising approach to their behaviors and meet them where they are in their journey. The right message at the right time is the difference between closing a deal and letting potential customers slip through the cracks, and the use of transparent analytics will help enable timely and personalized communication. 

In times of “cautious optimism,” brands tend to start looking for immediate short-term solutions. But without new prospects entering the pipeline, they will quickly run out of “quick conversions” at the bottom. The top of your funnel should be just as strong as the bottom of your funnel. When insightful analytics enter the picture, top-of-funnel tactics are no longer a budget risk. A deep understanding of your audience and the tools to reach high-quality accounts where they are in their unique buyer journey will reflect positively on your client’s ROAS. 

A holistic pipeline solution for a healthy advertising approach?

That’s the AdDaptive Advantage. 

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