Take the Temperature of Your Target Accounts

March 20, 2023 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

Pinpoint each account’s location in the sales funnel

Knowing where each of your target accounts falls in the sales funnel is vital to closing sales and ultimately proving return on ad spend. By distinguishing which accounts are hot, warm, and cold you can allocate your marketing and sales efforts appropriately and increase the overall success of your campaigns.

If the coldest accounts who are still unaware of the brand or products/services being offered are being given the most attention, the hottest accounts may fall out of the funnel or shift their focus to the competition. Hot leads should take top priority, followed by warm leads, and finally cold. So, how do you know which accounts are hot?

Your B2B thermometer

Think of B2B analytics like a thermometer to measure your audience’s engagement. Analytics reports provide the figures and insights needed to take the temperature of each target account in your campaigns and company sales funnel.

Determine which accounts in your ABM list are hot, warm, and cold based upon analytical insights from AdDaptive’s reporting. With the combination of insights from our Campaign Analytics reports and our Site Analytics reports, you can clearly deduce where each account currently falls in the sales funnel based upon their level of engagement. These reports provide a transparent, detailed breakdown of each account’s impressions, clicks, pageviews, and more throughout the flight of each campaign.

Armed with this information, you can then retarget each account based on their location in the sales funnel. The hottest accounts who are the closest to purchasing can be handed over to the sales department as qualified leads, the warm accounts can be further nurtured through the campaigns that they were the most engaged with (but this time with a deeper level of personalization), and the cold accounts can be shifted into new campaigns with messaging tailored to build general brand and product awareness and trust.

Fuel more sales by:

  1.   Properly allocating your efforts to push the hottest leads through the funnel
  2.   Refocusing your campaign messaging strategy to continue to warm the colder leads until they are hot and ready to purchase

Learn more about how AdDaptive’s analytics can act as your account thermometer in this infographic and video:

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