Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit December 2023 Recap

December 13, 2023 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

The final industry conference for 2023 was Digiday’s Programmatic Marketing Summit, which took place December 4-6 in New Orleans, LA. AdDaptive sponsored the event once again – our fourth Digiday conference for the year following the two Media Buying Summits in March and October and another Programmatic Marketing Summit back in May. 

The Programmatic Marketing Summit brings industry professionals from across the country to one central location to connect with fellow marketing leaders and build trusted relationships. During the various presentations, town halls, one-on-one meetings, dinners, and more, attendees discussed the various pain points, challenges, opportunities, and new solutions advertisers are currently facing. 

Attribution was a hot topic again at December’s conference; in fact, attribution has been a keyword at all four of the Digiday events in 2023. Another main topic of discussion was the removal of cookies from Google quickly approaching in 2024, and the various available alternatives to cookies. AdDaptive’s own VP of Sales, Ted McNulty, hosted a presentation at the end of the first day on one such alternative: validated offline data. Read on for a synopsis of these three key topics.


This conference’s challenge board revealed that attribution still remains top-of-mind for many industry experts and professionals. With the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising,
accurate attribution moving forward is a big question. And furthermore, as attribution methods continue to shift, how will advertisers apply these changes in attribution learnings to future campaigns?

How will attribution work in the cookieless environment of 2024 and beyond? The answer depends upon the ad tech being put to use. Accurate attribution and transparent reporting go hand-in-hand to elevate campaign success, both
in anticipation of and in response to the looming cookie depreciation. Relying on cookies to monitor engagement levels, allocate budgets, and prove ROAS is no longer feasible.

Going Cookieless

Agencies are feeling increasing pressure to find alternative solutions to those technologies which rely on cookies. The Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit revealed that many decision-makers in the industry still aren’t ready for the removal of the third-party cookie. Industry executives rated the preparedness of the industry for next year’s cookie depreciation around a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-10, and predict that some major steps still need to be taken in preparation of their full removal. 

There are a few options that are currently available from major ad tech providers that avoid reliance on cookies, but many of them are still in beta testing or first-round trials. AdDaptive’s cookieless solutions, on the other hand, have been in use and proven successful for the last decade. Our VP of Sales, Ted McNulty, went into more detail regarding the benefits of working with validated offline data in his presentation on December 4th.

Validated Offline Data

The main benefit of using validated offline data – from SEC filings and business registration data, to census data, building permits, and beyond – is the overall accuracy. While cookies attempt to guess information about an individual based upon their browsing history, offline data is factual and provided by the company itself. 

As McNulty further explained at the conference, targeting unique digital identifiers rather than using cookies allows for accurate targeting and scalability, regardless of how niche the intended audience may be.

“The harder your audience is to reach, the more valuable AdDaptive’s platform becomes” – Ted McNulty, VP of Sales at AdDaptive Intelligence


Over the last decade AdDaptive has worked with over 500 agencies to launch tens of thousands of campaigns, none of which have relied on third-party cookies. What makes AdDaptive different is our ability to connect validated offline data to online identifiers, to avoid wasted impressions and produce positive business outcomes for our clients.

Trust in AdDaptive’s future-proof technology to improve the accuracy, scalability, and transparency of your campaigns.

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