Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit May 2023 Recap

June 21, 2023 |
Matt Shore

AdDaptive was thrilled to sponsor and attend the Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit held May 22-24 in Palm Springs, CA. It’s always a great opportunity to connect with clients, prospects, and industry experts to get a pulse on the state of advertising. There were many interesting panels and topics discussed at the conference. Here are a few highlights.

Strategy Optimization Through Analytics

Our own VP of Sales Ted McNulty gave an insightful presentation: Optimizing Your Strategy with Transparent Analytics. He discussed the importance of having analytics lead your advertising strategy to strengthen your future targeting efforts. With actionable analytics and the context behind the numbers, you will also gain a better understanding of your audience. These insights can be leveraged by sales teams for more personalized outreach tactics that help you meet your prospects where they are in the buying process. With analytics driving your campaign strategy and decisions, you can feel confident in delivering strong ROAS

The Personal Touch of Programmatic

Another theme discussed at the conference was the notion that programmatic advertising is losing some of its “personal touch” and is being compared to “mass media.” The modern advertiser knows that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to connecting with prospects. In order to gain that additional level of personalization, you have to understand your audience. Actionable analytics can help fill in the blanks about your audience from their media preferences to what type of messaging they need to make their purchase decision. This additional audience knowledge can help you send the right message at the right time and avoid that “mass media” comparison as you easily move prospects through the funnel.

Ad Spend Trends

Over the past few years, ad spend trends have been fluctuating. In 2023, brands are still proceeding with caution in their campaigns. Some believe ad spend decisions are tricky during a time of economic uncertainty, but they don’t have to be. With actionable insights, you can choose the perfect media mix for each campaign by personalizing your media mix to your target audience’s preferences. Using this approach, you can feel confident that each ad spend decision you make will result in reaching high-priority accounts and maximizing ROAS. 

Third-Party Cookie Updates and Alternatives

Coming off the news of Chrome depreciating third-party cookies for 1% of users in 2024, the conference was buzzing with “cookie talk.” Many cookie alternatives were discussed in different panels as industry leaders began preparation for the final goodbye. Now that losing third-party cookies feels closer than ever before, many industry experts are looking for new ways forward. At AdDaptive, we are proud to have never relied on third-party cookies in the first place. While others are scrambling to change their approach, AdDaptive is continuing to lead the way with our cookieless IP targeting and diversified approach. 

The Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit was an amazing experience. It’s not often that all of our peers are together in one place discussing what we do best. We are thrilled to walk away from this conference with more knowledge on how to continue supporting our partners and with new ideas on how to keep innovating in the ad tech space. 

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