Mirren Live 2023 Recap

June 15, 2023 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

The annual Mirren Live conference took place on May 16 & 17, 2023 with both live and virtual options to attend. The event was hosted at the Barkley headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri – home of the famous Kansas City-style barbeque. The 35+ conference sessions provided high-level industry insights and thought leadership from over 60 esteemed industry-leading speakers, with focus points ranging from agency growth to creativity, innovation, and much more!

AdDaptive was a proud sponsor of Mirren Live this year, with a booth and 3 on-site employees ready to discuss the current needs and pain points that agencies are facing. We enjoyed seeing knowledgeable, familiar faces in the industry as well as meeting some new professionals with fresh ideas. AdDaptive also hosted a virtual booth, which remains accessible here

The buzz at Mirren Live revealed that the hottest topic among advertisers this year is the unpredictability of the economy in terms of advertising budgets and their subsequent allocation. Determining how to appropriately allocate ad spend among media types for each campaign is top of mind for advertisers. With fluctuating budgets, agencies are wary of legal, economic, and industry shifts that could impact the future of advertising.

Placing ad campaigns on hold isn’t an appealing concept from either an agency or a brand perspective. But even the largest campaign budgets are still facing longer-than-normal wait times for flight launches thus far in 2023. Brands are looking for agencies to take on even more of the steps in the advertising process, but with resources stretched thin each media buyer is currently doing the work of two or three people. Partnering with an ad tech vendor with a full suite of transparent report offerings and a service team, like AdDaptive, can alleviate the ever-growing workload for agencies of any size.

Several sessions at Mirren Live also discussed the use of AI and its potential effects. Some agencies have recently elected to use AI to handle their RFIs and RFPs, as well as backend revenue operations and tracking. AI promises a creative revolution that might turn the tables of work culture, in many ways that still remain to be seen.

Another hot topic at the conference was lead generation versus top-of-funnel focus. Many brands have been fixated on lead generation which might result in neglecting prospects at other stages in the pipeline. This is frustrating for agencies who understand the importance of top-of-funnel tactics, and the need for actionable insights to guide and support said tactics. Building brand awareness is equally important to generating leads, and the use of actionable insights help determine each account’s location in the sales funnel and helps you target them with accuracy based upon their previous engagement with the brand and its various campaigns.

As the chatter at Mirren live proved, accurately measuring campaign performance requires changing the definition of success. Different metrics can prove different benefits and advantages to each advertising approach when properly analyzed. A full suite of reporting insights gives a holistic view of campaign performance at scale, considering not only the goal KPIs but all measurements. Reaching the goals of each campaign has become more nuanced, and comprehensive insights are needed now more than ever for true optimization. It’s all about how clearly and in-depth the vast amount of analytics are interpreted.

Trust in AdDaptive’s robust suite of reporting solutions for the transparent analytics you need to achieve campaign success, from one flight to the next. 

Stay tuned for more ad tech industry conference reporting from AdDaptive!

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