PRESS RELEASE: AdDaptive Intelligence, Initiative, And Cox Business Share B2B Advertising Success On Stage At Digiday Conference

February 24, 2020 |
Addaptive Intelligence

AdDaptive Intelligence, Initiative, and Cox Business share B2B Advertising Success on stage at Digiday Conference

Industry leaders discuss the campaign that leveraged AdDaptive’s B2B advertising technology to provide superior targeting amid industry changes

WALTHAM, Mass. – Feb. 20, 2020 – AdDaptive Intelligence, a leading B2B advertising technology provider, Initiative (agency) and Cox Business (brand) are coming together at Digiday Media Buying Summit 2020 to present a successful ad campaign that employed an innovative B2B targeting solution with impeccable accuracy, a noteworthy feat amid industry changes. This prime advertising event takes place in Palm Springs, CA, February 25-27.

Initiative, Cox Business, and AdDaptive collaborated on an ad campaign that required the most accurate targeting solution in order to reach a niche B2B audience. Leveraging Initiative’s strategic partnership building, Cox Business’s phased approach to achieving business goals and delivering customer value, and AdDaptive’s intelligent technology and unique use of firmographic data, the campaign achieved unparalleled B2B success.

“For the first time, Cox Business was able to accurately target existing customers digitally. Being able to match 1-to-1 was vital to delivering offers to only the appropriate audience members, proving that AdDaptive’s custom ABM solution was the best choice to achieve our business goals,” said Nancy Thurman, senior media manager at Cox Business. AdDaptive’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution uses validated offline B2B data and transparent firmographic analytics to help client campaigns succeed, yielding impressive results even as the industry evolves.

Concerning CCPA as well as Google’s announcement regarding the eradication of cookies in browsers within the next two years, the question arises: How will businesses be able to target efficiently? AdDaptive provides a solution that eliminates doubt by using validated offline data and bridging it with B2B online digital identifiers to deliver highly relevant messages to the customer’s intended accounts without the use of cookies. AdDaptive’s Platform allows customers to choose how they would like to reach their target accounts using company name, employee size, revenue, sales volume, years in business, and business type. By partnering with industry-leading offline data providers and using intelligent technology, AdDaptive provides innovative B2B targeting through validated offline data, modern insights, data mapping, and real-time analysis. This proprietary solution allows for full transparency and showcases AdDaptive’s ability to reach the right targets, further strengthening the client-customer relationship.

Hear more about this cross-industry relationship on February 25 at the Digiday Media Buying Summit, where Angie Waters (AdDaptive), Christine Kubisztal (Initiative), and Nancy Thurman (Cox Business) share the stage to discuss their success story about smarter B2B advertising.

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